Our organization is a team of military veterans that
is on a missionto assist other veterans

Our Mission

4Heroes Inc. is a registered 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that is dedicated to the support of Military Veterans and their families through hard times.

Unlike other non-profits that you are never sure how your donations are used, we seek to be 100% transparent and share with you exactly what types of work we are doing in the community. Additionally we understand that not everyone needs help with the same thing so we offer a broad range of assistance solutions. To learn more about what we offer and to hear some of the stories of the Veterans we have helped please read below!

Our History

Many of us in this non-profit organization are veterans ourselves and know how challenges can be different with each individual. Let us know if you are going through difficult times; we will work to find an appropriate solution.

In November 2018 4Heroes Inc. was formed and paperwork submitted to become a recognized non-profit organization!

In December 2018 4Heroes Inc. began receiving its first requests for assistance from Veterans and their families.

In December 2018 our first major assistance has been provided. We were able to give the last funds needed for a homeless Veteran to get a place he and his family can call home! They move into the home in February!






In December 2018 4Heroes Inc. received an approved letter of recognition from the United States I.R.S. indicating our application had been approved and we are now a registered 501(C)(3).

4Heroes Inc. provided its first assistance to a family in need. We were able to buy Christmas gift for children from several families in need!


Our organization is a team of military veterans that is on a mission to assist other veterans.

We understand what military veterans go through and how challenging their lives are. Everybody’s life goes through ups and downs and it is no different with military veterans. However there are more aspects and challenges with veterans life; this can be better understood only if you are a veteran yourself.

These uniformed patriotic veterans take oath and work for this great nation leaving behind their families. However we as veterans feel all of us belong to one great, big family and it is our responsibility to take care of the needs of everyone in this family.

We are brothers and sisters to those bonded by an oath that never ends.

Our team of volunteers are highly qualified and have the expertise and interest to help the families of veterans. Get in touch with us and we will assure all help possible.


Our volunteers come from varied backgrounds and are capable of assisting in various areas relating to professional development. Technology, arts, business management & more….we can help! Our team of volunteers are highly qualified and have the expertise & interest to help the families of veterans. Get in touch with us & we will assure all help possible.


Let us know if you are struggling with day-to-day life; we can help you by providing the basic items for survival. You can also feel free to talk to us for any special assistance you will need. We are brothers and sisters belonging to one large family; so please share your problems with us. We will be more than glad to help.


Is travelling a problem? Are you not able to reach your office or make it to your doctor’s appointment on time? Reach out to us! We have an inspired network of volunteers that are more than willing to support. We can organize things to make it easy for you!


We have the tools to take care of the environment you live in. We can help with roof repairs, plumbing, bathroom renovations and much more. Ultimately, we want to make your place safe and secure.


Randal Burns Jr.
President and Board Chairman.
Randal is an Army Afghanistan war Veteran. He began his enlisted service in 2009 in the 172ND Infantry Brigade out of Germany. He was then deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in the Paktika Province on the border of Pakistan. After his deployment and the birth of his first born child Randal separated from the Army and began a career of support inside the DoD. Randal is now employed by one of the largest IT Companies in the world and through that role continues supporting the DoD. In 2018 Randal started 4Heroes Inc. as a lifelong dream to continue giving back to those he served with as he has first hand seen the sacrifice our Military makes!